Welcome Indians 2018 Season

We are gearing up for the Spring and Summer 2018 seasons… We are very excited to have 4 teams heading into this summer. We enjoyed our first 13U Instructional Team this past Fall and can’t wait to get these young players out and playing games on the big field… Many new things to learn from the 12U Field to the Big Field and these young players were a little shell shocked when we got them. Hopefully they will maintain and be more familiar when they start playing games as our instructional season was a huge success. Our 3 high school teams all saw big improvements and our 18U saw 3 more players sign college contracts!  We are now heading into our 6th season, and still gaining momentum.  Over the years FCAA has been a hot bed of baseball talent, turning out very good baseball players since its birth in 1998.  Recreational baseball is VERY important to a young player’s life! It instills the natural love of the game in his heart, when playing is fun and not loaded with pressure. Middle school baseball introduces players to a more rigorous schedule of 4-5 days a week. High school baseball gets a little more serious and challenges everyone who steps out on the field. During this time, a player finds out if he has what it takes to play high school ball competitively or even has a shot at the next level.   This is where we come in. Although high school ball offers competitive baseball 2-3 months per year, it leaves a HUGE gap of about 7 months when players have to find an organization that can offer high-level baseball. THIS is where we come in.  Stay tuned, we hope to have many more success stories to go along with our 32+ players who’ve signed or gone on to play college ball.

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